Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shout out sale!

Hey all,

As many of you know, I will be going for further studies in the UK and will probably not be coming back for the term holidays. As such, I have decided to clear out my closet before I leave. Initially, I sent out sms-es telling friends interested in buying these clothes to arrange for an appointment with me. However, at the suggestion of a friend (thanks Jermaine!) I have decided to set up a website so that people can also view the clothes on sale and then just mail it out to them.

So there you have it.

I will be adding more clothes later on. If you have any questions or want more photos of a certain piece, please feel free to ask me. For a larger view of the image, please click on the photograph.

Terms and conditions:

Clothes sold are not refundable nor are they exchangable.
I do not do swaps.
If you rather I just mail the clothes to you, please you will have to pay for the postage fee. I will mail only upon collection of payment.
I reserve the right to make changes to the items and their listings on this blog.

I will be adding more stuff in the next few days.

Thank you and happy browsing.


1. Topshop Striped Knit

Material: Cotton (99%), Nylon (1%)
Size: UK 10
Price: $10

2. Zara V-neck Sweater

Material: Acrylic (72%), polyamide (28%)
Size: EU M, USA M, Mex 28
Price: $30

3. The Clothes Publisher Tie Blouse

Material: Cotton (exterior), it's not stated what the lining is but it feels like acetate
Size: M
Price: $10

4. Massimo Dutti Short Sleeved Tee

Material: Modal (if I'm not mistaken---I had this top altered at the hem to make it shorter and the seamstress cut off the material tag)
Size: Small (the cutting of this top is quite large though as it is meant to be worn slouchy and drape-y)
Price: $30

5. British India Sleeveless Top

Material: Polyester (94%), Spandex (6%)
Size: 5 (which probably translates into a UK size 8)
Price: $15

6. Polo Jeans Co. Sleeveless V-neck Blouse

Material: Tencel
Size: XS (please note that the v-neck of this top is rather low, you might want to wear a camisole underneath)
Price: $20

7. Esprit Bejewelled Top

Material: Cotton (body), Silk (trimming)
Size: US M, UK M
Price: $15

8. Massimo Dutti Racer Back Tee

Material: Cotton
Size: M
Price: $10


1. GG<5> Circle Skirt

Material: Not stated
Size: S (to be worn at the waist)
Price: $15

4. b By British India Denim Pencil Skirt

Material: Not Stated (this was originally a long skirt but I had it altered, and I guess the material tag must have been removed during the alteration)
Size: 3 (which probably corresponds to a UK 8)
Price: $10

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